Pro Challenge Last Weekend…Now Labor Day in Steamboat!

Most of us are still spinning (pun intended) from last weekend’s events here with the finish and start of the Pro Challenge Bike Race that came through town. We were the only destination that had a finish and a start and it is safe to say that we did our County proud! Whether you were at the finish, the atheletes alley or going crazy in costume up on Rabbit Ears Pass the event pleased thousands. When you see racers being started by a guy on a horse…you know you’ve landed in Steamboat where the western heritage meets the world.

This weekend is no exception for things to do in town. Best bet is to go to the Steamboat Chamber website and check out the calendar. The mountain will be open as well so get in some biking, hiking, playing and dining up top. Visit the Steamboat website for more details.

There will be an air show, a stage race, stock dog challenge, art walk, farmer’s market and more, so get on up here!


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