November 2011 Routt County Property Stats

From our trusty Stan Urban at Land Title in Steamboat Springs, we have some numbers to share about the real estate market here in the greater Steamboat area. Click for spreadsheet details.

Stan writes:

“November was a great month, up quite a bit over last year’s November. (90%)  Gross volume in November came in at $51,948,300, and had a total of 125 Transactions.  This big shot in the arm leaves your YTD, Gross volume slightly off last YTD, but under -10%.  Transaction wise, November was strong with 125 transactions, although general transaction numbers are still down.

There was strong residential activity in November.  66 of the transactions were for Improved Residential properties (up from 47 last month).  In an addition, all of the Residential trend-point totals are showing up green.  The upper end residential market was very favorable in November, as you’ll see in the Price Point summary.

ROUTT COUNTY NOVEMBER 2011 BANK SALES are also up this month with a total of 15.”

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