Wishing you all a Memorial Day filled with warmth, pride and togetherness.  We would like to pause to ponder the service, sacrifice and commitment to those who have enabled us to enjoy time on our free land.  To those who have served and those we have lost serving, you are our heroes.  Your bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was initiated to honor the soldiers for the Union and Confederate armies who died during the American Civil War.

Celebrations honoring Civil War heroes started the year after the war ended. The establishment of a public holiday was meant to unify the celebration as a national day of remembrance instead of a holiday celebrated separately by the Union and Confederate states. By the late 19th century, the holiday became known as Memorial Day and was expanded to include the deceased veterans of all the wars fought by American forces. In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday.

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Steamboat Springs’ Infamous Mud Season

A time for new beginnings or a dirty old mess?  The truth of the matter is that seasoned locals embrace Mud Season with an affectionate passion.  The abundance of sporting activities, discounts galore (i.e. restaurants, merchants, massages, etc.), and the vacations that are enjoyed are prominent across The Valley during the two “off seasons”.  This is the time locals can relax and treat each other as they have treated so many tourists over the busy months.  We look out for each other, pamper one another, and have time to have more fun with our neighbors.

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Gearing Up for Steamboat Springs Fun

Let the countdown begin to one of Steamboat Spring’s best celebrations! The first two weeks in April is Springalicious, which offers fun activities and events for the entire family:
April 12th – FINAL DAY OF THE 2014-2015 SEASON
                 STEEL PULSE
There is something for everyone on the mountain this spring!  We hope to see you there.

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Steamboat Springs Runoff Outlook

Steamboat Springs has experienced flooding in its past.  During high water runoff times the Routt County Office of Emergency Management recommends people living close to rivers and streams pack a go-bag in case they have to suddenly evacuate their properties. This winter was historically warmer than others.  According to the National Weather Service, “Potential spring 2015 flooding due to snow melt is near to below normal for the Upper Colorado, Eagle, Upper Green, Yampa, Little Snake, Roaring Fork, Gunnison, Dolores and San Juan River basins.”

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“Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

The unseasonably warm weather continues to melt Steamboat Springs white gold (aka snow), which in turn is waking our fair-weather friends up early.  RE/MAX Partners of Steamboat Springs has a juvenile black bear gracing his presence as of late.  According to, Peter Tyson’s article, Bear Essentials of Hibernation, “One of the most celebrated hibernators is the American black bear (Ursus americanus). It can go for as long as 100 days without eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, or exercising. Biologists have long acknowledged that hibernating black bears may have something to teach us, and they are now studying the animals with an eye to aiding everything from organ preservation to kidney disorders, from human hibernation to long-distance space travel. With this in mind, it’s worth taking a closer look at the black bear and its stunning physiological feats. How can it survive for so long without drinking? Why doesn’t hunger force it to wake up and seek a meal in midwinter? What triggers it to enter and leave its den?”

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Best Steamboat Springs Mountain Bloody Mary

The verdict is in!  The best Steamboat Springs Bloody Mary one can consume on the mountain is located at Four Points Lodge, which was newly constructed in 2013.  The sizable 13,000 sf lodge replaced the previous local’s favorite 1,000 sf hut.  The lodge is located at 9,716 ft above sea level on Mount Werner’s Storm Peak ski run.  It is advised to earn your divine Bloody by skiing, snowboarding,  snowshoeing or ski biking  into savor it.  If you prefer to let a snowcat do all the work, you may make a reservation, kickback and take in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain scenery as you make your way to an amazing “meal in a glass”.  Expect staple ingredients such as celery, bacon, blue cheese cube, olive, banana pepper, pickled bean and lime.  On cold days, simply ask the bartender for an extra spicy Bloody and enjoy!



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Dramatic $750,000 Price Reduction

Here’s the value your high-end buyer is looking for! More than a stunning mountain home – this is a work of art. Notable features alone set this property apart, but the level of craftsmanship and intuitive sense of scale elevates it to another category altogether. A confluence of masterful design, remarkable expertise, and impeccable panache makes this a rare opportunity for incredible savings!

Now $3,845,000
26425 Henderson Park Road
Steamboat Springs, CO
MLS# 138917

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Steamboat Springs Weekend Snow

Expect to see snow in beautiful Steamboat Springs this weekend!  Sure, Steamboat Ski Area had the worst January in terms of snowfall, but that did not stop the outdoor loving people from playing outside.  Running shoes, bikes and fishing poles have been pulled out of storage and put back into use.  Parks have been over run with kids having a good time, flag football games enjoyed and even some tennis players made their way back to the outdoor courts.  Snow is in the forecast for this weekend, so the winter enthusiasts can get their fix.  Word to the wise, keep your sunscreen handy and have fun out there!

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Our #1 Choice and National Geographic’s Top 10 Winter Carnivals is in Full Effect:   Wed. Feb. 4, 2015 – Sun. Feb. 8, 2015
“With events that range from ski-jumping to slalom mountain biking, the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival showcases the region’s rich winter sports heritage. A muzzle-loading biathlon, in which participants clad in vintage fur-trapper outfits compete on marksmanship and Nordic skiing, draws serious endurance athletes. For everyone else, there’s a ski parade, tubing party, and quirky street contests, including a donkey jump, a shovel race, and a 25-yard dash involving dogs pulling tots on toboggans. Don’t miss a glimpse of the lighted man, whose battery-powered suit weighs 70 pounds.”

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Best Gross Volume Total in Routt County Since 2008!

Thank you Melissa Gibson of Land Title for the following report: “December ended 2014 on a great note with $58.17M in Gross Sales and 121 transactions! Compared to last December, Gross Volume was up by +69.29% while transactions were up 10%.

The December numbers helped end the year with just under $600M in Gross Sales and 1,360 transactions for 2014. That is the best Gross Volume total in Routt County since 2008! Compared to 2013, that equates to +18.79% in Gross Volume and +6.42% in number of transactions.

Snapshot values closed the year strong compared to 2013:

Average Sales Prices:
Single Family +10%
Multi Family +11%
Vacant Land +2%
Median Sales Prices:
Single Family +15%
Multi Family +9%
Vacant Land +20%
Single Family +15%
Multi Family +6%
Vacant +25%

There were 3 Bank sales in December compared to 5 in October.

There were a total of 126 DOT recordings; with 47% of Sales Transactions having financing at the time of sale – and 53% closing with Cash.”

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